InsureTechs Database

The following database provides an overview of technology driven companies and startups with main focus on services in the German insurance industry. Based on the company’s role model (e.g. broker) the database provides company business model information, a short description, and the respective insurance segment.

Contract ManagementallesmeinsMobile app for contract management, automated Import of contract dataPersonal Finance Management (PFM)
Contract ManagementfeelixApp-based organizer of current customers' insurance contracts with option to cancel specific contractsPersonal Finance Management (PFM)
Contract ManagementfileeeApp-based organizer of current customers' insurance contracts with option to cancel specific contractsPersonal Finance Management (PFM)
Contract ManagementtreefinDigital financial assistant for accounts, deposits and insurancePersonal Finance Management (PFM)
Contract ManagementVertragiumOnline and social media management of insurance and financial contractsPersonal Finance Management (PFM)
Claims ManagementClaimsControllingCar Claims management, technical review of expert reports, estimates, invoices and
accompanying plausibility consideration of car damage cases
Fraud Detection, claims managementeuconFraud detection, data and claims management for insurance companiesClaims
Car insurance claimsMotionscloudMobile app for claim management incuding AI solution to reduce insurance claim cost and claim cycle timeClaims
Insurance claimsUnfallhilfe24Claims management for policyholdersClaims
Rates calculatorautoversicherung.deOnline comparison for car insurance, big data baseOnline comparism portal
Comparism portalCovomoOnline comparison for travel insurances, incl. online booking possibilityOnline comparism portal
Comparism portalfair-sichert24Online comparism and online brokering services for diverse insurances, regional focusOnline comparism portal
Comparism portalFinanzen.dePioneer online comparism (all insurances) platformOnline comparism portal
Sales SWTarifairSoftware provider, including online comparison function and review of old and current tarifs, scoring includes consumer protection criteriaOnline comparism portal
Comparism portalVersicherungscheck24Independent online insurance comparism platformOnline comparism portal
Online BrokerAppSichernOnline broker, short-term insurance in the field of travel, sports, family and eventsSales (Branches/Specialties)
Online BrokerassonaOnline broker for special insurances, e.g. electronics or bikesSales (Branches/Specialties)
Mobile Broker-AppasuroMobile sales app for contract managementSales (Branches/Specialties)
b2bprotectOnline B2B services for brokers, reinsurers and SME (small and medium enterprises)Sales (Branches/Specialties)
Online BrokerBrokingXOnline service for brokers, tender platform for commercial insuranceSales (Branches/Specialties)
Mobile Broker-AppClarkDigital organizer of current customers insurance contracts with option to cancel specific contracts.Sales (Branches/Specialties)
Online BrokercommunitylifeOnline broker, focus on risk life insurance and disability insurance, incl. support communitySales (Branches/Specialties)
Robo-AdvisorCoverdooOnline broker, robo-advisor, possibility to test new insurance propositionsSales (Branches/Specialties)
Online BrokerComparonComparison calculator for funeral insurance, check24 spin-offSales (Branches/Specialties)
Online BrokerCyberinsurance24Online broker b2b and b2c for cyber insurances, including an information portal with the intention to educate users about the cyber dangersSales (Branches/Specialties)
Mobile Broker-AppDibisSales app for brokersSales (Branches/Specialties)
Online BrokerFiburOnline broker for ethnic ecological insurance with focus on retirement planningSales (Branches/Specialties)
Mobile Broker-AppfinancefoxOnline and mobile sales app, in addition to the digital management of all insurance policies, personal advice offeredSales (Branches/Specialties)
Online BrokerFinanzchef 24Online broker for commercial multi-peril insurances in cooperation with partnersSales (Branches/Specialties)
Online BrokerfriendsuranceOnline broker, including group P2P insurance concept where insurants retrieve a bonus after not demanding insurance servicesSales (Branches/Specialties)
Mobile Broker-AppGetSafeMobile sales app, app-based organizer of current customers insurance contracts and advisory, broker servicesSales (Branches/Specialties)
Online BrokerGetsuranceOnline broker services for diverse insurancesSales (Branches/Specialties)
Online BrokerGewerbe-versicherung24Online broker with focus on commercial insuranceSales (Branches/Specialties)
Mobile Broker-AppHaftpflicht HeldenMobile sales app and broker services with major on third party liability insuranceSales (Branches/Specialties)
Online BrokerinsinnoOnline broker with white label functionalitySales (Branches/Specialties)
Mobile Broker-AppInsurgramMobile sales app with focus on instant communication via chat or social mediaSales (Branches/Specialties)
OthersKaskoInsurance as a service provide multi-channel capabilities based on webapp, iFrame and API for businessesSales (Branches/Specialties)
Online BrokerknipOnline broker, inkluding app-based organizer of current customers insurance contracts and claims communicationSales (Branches/Specialties)
Mobile Broker-App an online brokermobilversichertMobile sales app B2B2C, including online broker platform and personal finance management (Personal Finance Management (PFM)) servicesSales (Branches/Specialties)
Online BrokermoneymeetsOnline broker for diverse insurances, partly reimbursement of provisionsSales (Branches/Specialties)
Online BrokerNetinsurerOnline broker for special insurances, e.g. dog owner's liability insuranceSales (Branches/Specialties)
Online BrokerOnlineversicherung.deOnline sales portal for diverse insurances with focus on digital appliancesSales (Branches/Specialties)
Online Brokerpasst24Online broker, regional focus for public liability, automobile, health and commercial insurances, anonym tarif comparismSales (Branches/Specialties)
Mobile Broker-AppRentabloMobile sales app, focus on transparent financial products and a free online financial manager, offering broker servicesSales (Branches/Specialties)
Robo-AdvisorSafemeRobo-Advisor, smart prognostics and proposing updates to coverage via push-messagesSales (Branches/Specialties)
OthersServiceOceanMultichannel appointment servicesSales (Branches/Specialties)
Online BrokersimplesuranceOnline broker, in Germany label "Schutzklick"; online conctraction for diverse electronic appliances, accessories and
tools as well as instruments; automatic claims managment, cross-selling in e-commerce
Sales (Branches/Specialties)
Mobile Broker-AppsimplrMobile sales app to manage financial and insurance contracts, offering broker servicesSales (Branches/Specialties)
Mobile Broker-AppTEDMobile and online manager for financial and insurance contracts, offering broker servicesSales (Branches/Specialties)
Mobile Broker-AppVersicherungsakteMobile and online broker services, Personal Finance Management (PFM) and comparism servicesSales (Branches/Specialties)
Mobile Broker-AppViradoMobile sales app for product and niche insurances, incl. broker servicesSales (Branches/Specialties)
Online BrokerVorsorge KampagneOnline broker, includes rate comparison for retirement planning without commissionSales (Branches/Specialties)
SoftwareFlexpertoSoftware provider, video chat, white labelSales (white label/broker platform)
White-LabelmassupWhite label platform for broker services, special insurancesSales (white label/broker platform)
Mobile Broker-AppmyDIVERSOMobile sales app, including personal finance management (Personal Finance Management (PFM))Sales (white label/broker platform)
emergingOTTOnovaNew health insurance. Details unknown due to the start in 2017new - undetermined
Online BrokergrÙn versichertOnline broker with focus on environmentally friendly insurance productsSales (Branches/Specialties)