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The following database gives an overview of innovative products and services in the market for financial services. Based on the product, the database provides company information, a short description, and the respective segment.

Logo acceptemailAcceptEmailAcceptEmail B.V.AcceptEmail is an online billing and payment solution. Invoices are received via e-mail and can then be paid online.Payment Transactions
Logo aktienprognoseAktienprognoseAktienprognose GmbHAktienprognose offers stock analytics-tools which are based on quantum physics models.Asset Management
Logo allpagoallpagoallpagoAllpago established a payment transaction software services especially for Latin America.Payment Transactions
Logo amplifyAmplifyAmplifi Capital (U.K.) Ltd.Amplifi Capital is a provider of small corporate loans in UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and Philippines.Lending Operations
Logo anywhereanywhereMShift, Inc.Mshift is a provider of a white-label mobile wallet solution for banks and credit unions.IT Solution Provider
Logo applepayApple PayApple Inc.Mobile payment service by Apple using NFC technology basically via iPhone.Payment Transactions
Logo assetinumassetinumMMM Capital Consulting GmbHAssetinum offers an information portal for investors in Switzerland. The company offers a tool to find Swiss banks and asset managers.Asset Management
Logo auxmoneyAuxmoneyAuxmoney GmbHAuxmoney is a german P2P lending marketplace platform that offers several different types of credits.Lending Operations
Logo ayondoayondoDonauCapital Wertpapier AGAyondo offers an electronic marketplace for real time trading and investment signals with an additional social trading functionality.Asset Management
Logo azimoazimoazimoAzimo established a payment processing company providing internet and mobile based inter-country consumer money transfer services.Payment Transactions
Logo bankerslabBankersLab Training,
Online Learning Community,
Advisory Services
Bankers LabBankers Lab is an online training system for credit risk and management skills. The service addresses executives within the risk management sector.Asset Management
Logo banking4Banking4Subsembly GmbHSubsembly Banking offers an e-banking solution for consumers and small companies which also offer tools for developers.Personal Finance Management
Logo barzahlenBarzahlenCash Payment Solution GmbHBarzahlen is a service for paying online purchases in cash. Payments are made at partnering offline shops by scanning a printed barcode with purchase details.Payment Transactions
Logo bergfuerstbergfŸrste-crowd Finance AGBergfŸrst provides a crowd investment platform that enables private investors to invest in young companies or real estate properties.Asset Management
Logo betterpaymentBetter PaymentBetter Payment Germany GmbHData Driven Payment Service Provider offering a payment gateway to industrial partners enablinc to accept worldwide online paymentsIT Solution Provider
Logo offers a cash flow management software system, provided as a software as a service that integrates with accounting and banking systemsIT Solution Provider
Logo billfloatBillFloatBetter Finance, Inc.Better Finance offers solutions for small business lending. Their technology platforms handles loans and leases.IT Solution Provider
Logo billguardBillGuardBillGuard Inc.BillGuard uses crowdsourced big-data analytics to harness the collective knowledge of millions of consumers reporting billing complaints online to banks.Personal Finance Management
Logo bitbondBitbondBitbond GmbHGlobal P2P bitcoin lending platform that gives small businesses access to affordable loans.Lending Operations
Logo bitcoinbitcoin.deBitcoin Deutschland AGBitcoin is a crypto-currency that enables user to accomplish mobile, internet and peer-to-peer payment transactions.Payment Transactions
Logo bokudirectBoku DirectBoku Inc.BOKU provides a mobile payment system. The service utilizes mobile phones for payment and billing. In addition, it offers a special platform for merchants.Payment Transactions
Logo brokertainBrokertain
Fidor Bank AGBrokertainment is a service that combines online betting with stock and forex trading. The user deposits real money and can then bet on stock or forex trades.Asset Management
Logo buxferBuxferBuxfer Inc.Buxfer established a personal finance platform that offers monitoring and management of accounts through web and mobile devices.Personal Finance Management
Logo cachetCachet Financial SolutionsCachet Financial Solutions, IncCachet RDC Select is a platform for remote deposit capture. Both business and consumer clients are able to cash their checks by taking a picture and sending it to Cachet. Applications are available for computers and mobile devices.Payment Transactions
Logo cardiocard.ioPayPal is an online and mobile payment system. To make a payment, a picture of the credit card is taken. Lately it was acquired by PayPal.Payment Transactions
Logo cardlyticsCardlyticsCardlytics Inc.Cardlytics hosts an advertising platform. The service enables banks to deliver rewards to its customers based on their purchasing history while protecting their privacy.Personal Finance Management
Logo cardspringCardSpringCardSpring Inc.CardSpring offers an application platform that connects payment networks and app developers.IT Solution Provider
Logo cashcloudcashcloudcashcloud AGCashclouds basic product portfolio consists of a mobile payment system API and NFC Sticker for mobilesPayment Transactions
Logo ccrowdc-crowdc-crowd AGC-crowd hosts a crowdfunding platform. Any project that seeks funding has to be approved by the c-crowd supervisory board.Asset Management
Logo clearcheckbookClearCheckBookSiliconTrance LLCClearCheckBook is a personal finance management solution. It tracks accounts and disbursements online via manual data entry or data import.Personal Finance Management
Logo cloverClover,
Clover Payment App
Clover Network Inc.Clover provides a cloud-based open business operating system that offers a comprehensive POS-station.Payment Transactions
Logo coinsnapcoinsnapcoinsnapCoinsnap offers an european Bitcoin merchant service as well as bitcoin payment service solution.Payment Transactions
Logo colleqtcolleqtcalvarius GmbHCalvarius provides a peer-to-peer payment solution service which organizes group payment issues by app on several operating systems.Payment Transactions
Logo companistoCompanistoCompanisto GmbHCompanisto is a crowdinvesting platform that bundles micro investments.Asset Management
Logo condaCondaCONDA DeutschlandÊCrowdinvesting GmbHCONDA is a crowdfunding platform. Projects have to be admitted by the company in order to seek funding.Lending Operations
Logo cookiescookiescookie Labs GmbHPeer-to-peer payment solution service organizing group payment issues via app. Data is only stored on device and not transmitted.Payment Transactions
Logo coynocoynoCoyno UGCoyno offers and develops individual blockchain solutions.IT Solution Provider
Logo creditkarmaCredit KarmaCredit Karma Inc.Credit Karma hosts a B2C credit score platform. Users can track their credit scores and get recommendations on how to improve them.Asset Management
Logo creditsesameCredit SesameCredit Sesame Inc.Credit Sesame is an online tool to monitor and optimize debt. Users can track their credit scores and find better loan solutions based on their current debt situation.Asset Management
Logo cringleCringleCringle GmbHPeer-to-peer payment service connecting bank account with the according mobile number to transfer money.Payment Transactions
Logo currencyfairCurrencyFairCurrencyFair Ltd.CurrencyFair is a P2P forex marketplace allowing users to anonymously exchange currencies with one another.Payment Transactions
Logo currencytransferCurrency TransferCurrencyTransfer Ltd.Currency Transfer provides a currency exchange platform, which also enables user to make international money transfers.Payment Transactions
Logo cxclientcxClient
draglet GmbHDraglet offers software solutions for blockchain based currency marketplaces.IT Solution Provider
Logo d3bankingD3BankingLodo Software Inc.Lodo is a software developer for financial institutions. The PFM solutions are white-labeled to banks and credit unions.Personal Finance Management
Logo debitosDebitosDebitos GmbHDebitos is a german auction-based factoring marketplace. The service matches sellers of receivables or demands with investors.Asset Management
Logo deutschemikroinvestDeutsche MikroinvestDMI Deutsche Mikroinvest GmbH?Deutsche Mikroinvest hosts a crowdinvesting platform. The service targets company founders and investors.Asset Management
d_hD+H banking and payment technologyD+HD+H provides payments and lending technology for business customers. As one of the largest Fintechs worldwide, it addresses all kinds of financial institutions and, besides payment and lending, the array of products also include analytics solutions for risk and data management purposes.IT Solutions Provider
Logo dodgecoindodgecoindodgecoinOpen Source peer-to-peer digital currency based on dodge meme similar to bitcoin.Payment Transactions
Logo dunkindonutsDunkin' Mobile appDunkin DonutsThe Dunkin' Mobile app allows customers to send their friends money via text, email or Facebook to buy Dunkin Donuts products.Payment Transactions
Logo dwollaDwollaDwolla Inc.Dwolla is a white label cash based online peer-to-peer and mobile payments platform.IT Solution Provider
Logo dynamicsDynamicsDynamics Inc.Dynamics is an payment cards provider offering innovative functionalities for their cards.Payment Transactions
Logo edointeractiveedo interactiveedo interactiveEdo interactive is an advertising platform for marketers and merchants. The individual offers are based on consumers' card spending behaviour.IT Solution Provider
Logo elopayelopayelopay GmbHElopay offers an instant peer-to-peer money transfer platform for credit and debit side.Payment Transactions
Logo entropayEntroPayIxaris Systems Ltd.Ixaris provides electronic payment solutions especially virtual cards to make online purchases.IT Solution Provider
Logo etoroeToroTradonomi Ltd.eToro is a social trading online platform. Users can see, follow and copy the best traders, and communicate with other users via discussion boards and live chats.Asset Management
Logo expensifyExpensifyExpensify Inc.Expensify provides a web-based expense management tool. The app enable individuals and businesses to import expenses from credit card or bank account transactions.IT Solution Provider
Logo fashionchequefashionchequefashionchequeFashioncheque is an innovative merchant independent fashion gift card.Payment Transactions
Logo fastacashfastacashFastacash Pte. Ltd.Fastacash is a social and mobile payment platform to remit money instantly and securely over social media channels and other messaging platforms.Payment Transactions
Logo fastbillfastbillFastBill GmbHFastbill is a Software-as-a-Service Provider that offers billing automizaiton solutions.IT Solution Provider
Logo feedzaifeedzaiFeedzai Inc.Fedzai established a payment solution for their customers to enable fraud prevention and risk management.IT Solution Provider
Logo finanzblickfinanzblickBuhl Data Service GmbHFinanzblick is an online and mobile banking solution with personal finance functionality.Personal Finance Management
Logo finicityFinicityFinicity Corp.Finicity acquired Mvelopes and is an online and mobile personal finance management platform. The system focuses on envelope budgeting.Personal Finance Management
Logo finpointFinpoint PlattformFinpoint GmbHFinpoint hosts a german online platform which connects SME and real estate companies with investors including banks.Investor
Logo finsphereFinsphereFinsphere Corp.Finsphere is an identity authentication service. Customers as well as online and offline transactions are authenticated by matching the customerÕs mobile phone location.IT Solution Provider
Logo finxeraFinxeraFinxeraFinxera is a software-as-a-service provider that is specialised on non-financial companies.IT Solution Provider
Logo flattrFlattrFlattr ABFlattr is a microdonation system to support free and open media content.Investor
Logo flexineroKredito24
Kreditech Holding SSL GmbHKreditech provides a service for financial institutions and other industrial partners to assess creditworthiness of clients by using a self-learning algorithm which analyzes big data. Additionally, they run three online lending platformsIT Solution Provider
Logo flintFlintFlint Mobile Inc.Flint is a mobile payment service providing a mobile application enabling on-the-go businesses to accept credit card payments.Payment Transactions
Logo fortumofortumofortumoFortumo offers a mobile payments solution enabling carrier billing in 90+ countries through 350+ mobile operators to over 130,000 merchants.Payment Transactions
Logo fundingcircleFunding CircleFunding Circle Deutschland GmbHFunding Circle is a crowd-lending platform. The service targets small businesses in the UK.Lending Operations
Logo futureadvisorFutureAdvisorXULU, Inc.FutureAdvisor provides an asset management service. It develops personalized analyses and advice for customers on the basis of aggregated financial information (via Yodlee).Asset Management
Logo gastrofixgastrofixGASTROFIX GmbHe-Point-of-Sales system designed especially for the iPad within the hospitality sector.IT Solution Provider
Logo gastronovieofficegastronovie Officegastronovi GmbH & Co. KGA comprehensive hospitality office software with an Point-of-Sales interface.IT Solution Provider
Logo giftlyGiftlyGoLocal Inc.Giftly is a gift card provider. The cards can be sent via email, so that the recipient can unlock the payment in the store.Payment Transactions
Logo girogogirogo: Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken, SparkassenEuro Kartensysteme GmbHGirogo is a contact free payment method with over 13.000 participants merchants within germany.Payment Transactions
Logo giropaygiropaygiropay GmbHGiropay is an online payment system based on online banking. It allows customers to transfer money directly from their bank account.Payment Transactions
Logo googlewalletGoogle WalletGoogle Inc.Google Wallet established a mobile payment system where payments are made utilizing the phoneÕs NFC technology. The system also stores credit-, loyalty-, and gift card information on the phone.Payment Transactions
Logo hellowalletHelloWalletMorningstarHelloWallet is a web and mobile app that provides financial and holistic guidance for employees.Personal Finance Management
Logo helpingcentshelping centsKaRo GbRSoftware solution provider for mircodonations on a webpage.IT Solution Provider
Logo helpmycashHelpMyCashHelpMyCash SLHelpMyCash is an information portal that focuses especially on consumers in Spain.Personal Finance Management
Logo hipayhipay mobilehipay mobileEuropean leader in online payment solutions, that specializes at pay-per-phone and pay-per-SMS services.Payment Transactions
Logo holviholviHolvi Payment Services Ltd.Holvi is an european banking operator that offers personalized IBANs to its customers.IT Solution Provider
Logo indiegogoIndiegogoIndiegogo Inc.Indiegogo hosts a crowdfunding platform. Investors receive individual perks from the projects and the fundraisers hence keep the full ownership of their projects.Investor
Logo infininfin-Paymentinfin - Ingenieurgesellschaft
fŸr Informationstechnologien mbH & Co. KG
Infin-Payment is an online payment service where customers can make online purchases anonymously via their phone bill.Payment Transactions
Logo innovestmentInnovestmentInnovestment GmbHInnovestment established a crowdfunding platform. The allocation is auction-based and the investors become silent partners.Investor
Logo insideanalyticsInside Analytics2iQ RESEARCH GmbH2iQ Research is a behavioral finance research and analytics firm focused on insider dealing data.Asset Management
Logo inspirepayInspirePayInspire Pay LLCInspirePay is an online payment aggregator. On one single, brandable payment page, all major online payment methods are integrated.Payment Transactions
Logo instreaminStreaminStream SolutionsInStream Solutions has an asset management solution that addresses financial advisors. It offers them a tool to advise their clients and provides them with an overview over financial products as well as a knowledge base with best practice concepts.Asset Management
Logo inventoruminventoruminventorum GmbHThis software company provides programes for small retailers to optimize their daily processes (e.g. iPad based Point-of-Sales systems).IT Solution Provider
Logo investiereinvestiereVerve Capital Partners AGInvestiere is a hybrid of crowdfunding and VC for Swiss startups. The service pursues disruptive innovations and applies a due diligence process.Investor
Logo investtorINVESTTOR FondsTop Vermšgen AGINVESTTOR is a funds market for investors. The service is based on a voting and participating platform where users decide in which stocks to invest.Asset Management
Logo iquantifiiQuantifiiQuantifi, Inc.iQuantifi established a personal finance management platform that offers software-based personalized investment advice.IT Solution Provider
Logo isaac10Isaac10Isaac10Isaac10 provides full management of recurring payment processes within the european market.IT Solution Provider
Logo izettleiZettleiZettleiZettle is a social and mobile payment system. The company offers P2P and B2C payments on different devices.Payment Transactions
Logo jumioJumioJumio Inc.Jumio is an ID credentials authentication company providing merchant accounts and a payment platform for online and mobile credit card payments.IT Solution Provider
Logo kabbageKabbageKabbage Inc.Kabbage is a lender for online merchants. The company pays merchants as they list their products for sale.Lending Operations
Logo kantoxkantoxKantox Ltd.Kantox hosts a FX exchange platform for SMEs. It enables them to accomplish P2P currency exchanges.IT Solution Provider
Logo kasasaKasasa Cash, Kasasa Cash Back, Kasasa Tunes, Kasasa SaverKasasa Ltd.Kasasa is a wholesale financial services company that sells technology and marketing products to credit unions and small regional banks.Personal Finance Management
Logo keshkeshFinTech Group AGFinTech Group consists of several subsidiaries. They offer solutions and technologies for finance and banking for banking, payment, ePayment and trading.IT Solution Provider
Logo kickstarterKickstarterKickstarter Inc.Kickstarter hosts a crowdfunding platform. Project creators keep full ownership and instead offer individual products and experiences.Lending Operations
Logo kittysplitkittysplitkittysplit GbRKiitysplit offers a P2P-service to split expenses within a group available for all devicesLending Operations
Logo kivaKivaKiva (non-profit)Connecting people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions.Lending Operations
Logo klarnaKlarnaKlarna ABKlarna is a factoring company for online purchases. Partnering webshops can offer invoice payments and installment purchases.Payment Transactions
Logo klickexKlickExKlickEx Trading Ltd.KlickEx is a provider of a payment solution based on an asset-backed and algorithmic crypto-currency.Payment Transactions
Logo kuspitKuspitKuspitKuspit offers retail investors a community-driven online platform with a learning module.Personal Finance Management
Logo leihdeinerstadtgeldLeihDeinerStadtGeldLeihDeinerStadtGeld GmbHIntermediation of credit between communes and citizens in the city of Mainz.Lending Operations
Logo lenddoLenddoLenddoLenddo provides scoring and social verification technology. The company uses non-traditional data to provide credit scoring and verification for the emerging middle class.IT Solution Provider
Logo lendingclubLending ClubLendingClub Corp.Lending Club is a P2P lending platform. Members directly invest in and borrow from one another.Lending Operations
Logo levelupLevelUpSCVNGR, Inc.LevelUpÊestablished an openÊmobile paymentsÊplatform functioning within a web browser or mobile device.Payment Transactions
Logo linkablenetworksLinkable NetworksLinkable Networks, Inc.Linkable Networks is a card-linked offers network. Consumers are able to link coupons to their credit card and automatically redeem it when paying.Payment Transactions
Logo linxoLinxoLinxoLinxo is an online personal finance management service. The company targets consumers in Europe.Personal Finance Management
Logo liqpayLiqPAYLiqPAY.comLiqPAY is an online and mobile payment platform. The company offers P2P money transfer, merchant solutions and an API.Payment Transactions
Logo is an online personal finance platform. The service works like a social network including expert help.Personal Finance Management
Logo masterpaymentMasterpaymentMasterpayment AGMasterpayment provides payment processing for ecommerce shops.IT Solution Provider
Logo menigaMeniga Personalization PlatformMenigaMeniga is a B2B provider of personal finance management software. The company targets European banks and financial institutions.Personal Finance Management
Logo miicardmiiCardmiiCard Ltd.MiiCard provides online identity proofing and strong authentication that enables people and businesses to transact in digital environments.IT Solution Provider
Logo mistralmobileMistralMobileMistral Mobile CorporationMistral Mobile offers a mobile front-end solution, which works with any phone type and any network.IT Solution Provider
Logo miteksystemsMitek SystemsMitek Systems, Inc.Mitek is a mobile imaging software solutions provider enabling users to remotely deposit checks, pay their bills and open accounts.IT Solution Provider
Logo mobinoMobinoMobino SAMobino is a peer-to-peer and point of sale payment service.IT Solution Provider
Logo moneydesktopMoneyDesktopMoneyDesktop, Inc.MoneyDesktop provides a personal finance management solution. The service is offered to both financial institutions and end-consumers.Personal Finance Management
Logo moneymoneyMoneyMoneyMRH applications GmbHMoneyMoney is a banking software for Mac OSX with which the user can manage several bank accounts simultaneously.Personal Finance Management
Logo movenmovenmoven BankMoven is a disruptive mobile-centric banking app.IT Solution Provider
Logo mpassmpassDeutsche Telekom AG, Telef—nica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG, Vodafone D2 GmbHMpass offers an online payment service cooperation. Customers make online purchases by entering their mobile number and PIN, and then confirming a transaction-specific text message.Payment Transactions
Logo mpesaM-PESASafaricom &
M-PESA is a mobile payment service in Kenya. The company offers complete basic banking transactions via mobile phone without any bank branches.Payment Transactions
Logo myibanmyibanmyIBANmyIBAN offers a personal IBAN number which consists of Name+surname for instance.IT Solution Provider
Logo myorderMyOrderMyOrder BVMyOrder is a Dutch smartphone app, which enables users to order and pay for services at participating restaurants, stores or theatres.Payment Transactions
Logo ncrsilverNCR SilverNCR Corp.NCR Silver offers a mobile point-of-sale system for iPad and iPhone.Payment Transactions
Logo nerdwalletNerdWalletNerdWallet Inc.NerdWallet is an advisory company dedicated to helping consumers save money and make smarter financial decisions.Personal Finance Management
Logo nomis48Nomis 4.8Nomis Solutions, Inc.Nomis Solutions provides pricing and profitability management strategies in data-driven decisions for financial services companies.Lending Operations
Logo nordstarternordstarterHamburg Kreativ GmbHNordstarter is a crowdfunding platform. The service targets creative projects in Hamburg.Investor
Logo number26Number26Number 26 GmbHOnline accessible current bank account with relevant banking features such as payments, money transfer and spending statistics.Payment Transactions
Logo nutmegNutmegNutmeg Saving and Investment Ltd.The online investment service thatÕs intelligent, straightforward & fair. Specialising in investments, ISAs & pensions. Capital at risk.Asset Management
Logo oandaOANDA fxTrade,
OANDA fxGlobalTransfer
OANDA CorporationOANDA is a global online FX-trading plattform. It offers FX-trading, money transfer and currency information to individuals and corporate customers.Asset Management
Logo oinkOinkVirtual Piggy, Inc.Virtual Piggy is an online tool for parents and merchants. It enables them to allow and monitor the online spendings of their children.Personal Finance Management
Logo ondeckOn DeckOn Deck Capital Inc.Ondeck is a technology-enabled financial platform that provides loan financing to small- and medium-sized businesses.Lending Operations
Logo opencuroOpenCuroOpenCuro Inc.OpenCuro established an online payment and money transfer service with focus on payment privacy and security.Payment Transactions
Logo opentabsopentabsopentabs GmbHOpentabs rolled out a service of searching bars and restaurants nearby and pay with their app.IT Solution Provider
Logo orderbirdorderbirdorderbird AGOrderbird AG is a provider of iPad POS systems that facilitate reporting functions in the hospitality industry.Payment Transactions
Logo outbankOutbankstoeger it GmbHStoeger it GmbH provides Mac and mobile banking solutions. The service adresses banks and private customers.IT Solution Provider
Logo pangeapangeaPangea payment, Inc.Pangea is a cash-to-cash money transfer platform. Users create a transfer on a mobile application and pay for it in cash at a retail location.Payment Transactions
Logo payangoPayangoPayango GmbHPayango is a supplier of prepaid credit cards in Germany. The cards can be personalized and co-branded, and are combined with partner offers.Payment Transactions
Logo payboxpaybox business, paybox privatA1 Telekom AustriaTelekom Austria established a mobile service together with selected merchants in austria to pay via mobile phone.Payment Transactions
Logo payeverpayeverPayever GmbHPayever hosts a mobile marketplace on several devices with a function to compare different payment methodsPayment Transactions
Logo paymillpaymillPaymill GmbHPAYMILL is a payment solution platform that enables online businesses to accept payments on their websites.IT Solution Provider
Logo paymorrowpaymorrowPaymorrow GmbHPaymorrow is a payment provider providing hire-purchase options of up to 4 weeks in contributing merchant online stores.Payment Transactions
Logo paynearmePayNearMePayNearMe Inc.Cash transaction network with instant payment function and over 17.000 participating merchants within the US.Payment Transactions
Logo payonPAY.ON,
PAY.ON AGPAY.ON delivers white-label payment infrastructure systems to payment providers to outsource their payment processes or to integrate modulesIT Solution Provider
Logo payoneerPayoneerPayoneerThe Payoneer commercial account enables users to receive funds from a global network of companies. The funds can be withdrawn or transferred to local eWallets.
Payment Transactions
paypalPayPal Payment ServicesPayPal Holdings Inc.PayPal is one of the world’s leading providers of online payment solutions. It enables users to transfer money through account balances, bank accounts, credit cards, or promotional financing without sharing financial information.Payment Transactions
Logo paysafecardpaysafecardPaysafe Group PlcPaysafecard is an online payment service based on cash. The prepaid cards are offered in local shops and can be used for online purchases.Payment Transactions
Logo paysimplePaySimple,
PaySimple Pro,
Invoice Simply
PaySimple, Inc.PaySimple is an online payment solution for small businesses that works as software-as-a-service. Bills can be sent and payments are received online.IT Solution Provider
Logo payverisPayverisPayverisPayveris provides Software-as-a-Sevice based e-payments solutions for community-based financial institutions.IT Solution Provider
Logo payworkspayworkspayworks GmbHPayworks is a provider of a B2B mobile payment platform, which enables companies to launch mobile point of sale solutionsIT Solution Provider
Logo payzapayzaMH Pillars Ltd.Payza provides e-Commerce business payment solution.IT Solution Provider
Logo personalcapitalPersonal Capital,
PersonalCapital platform,
Investment Services,
Savings Services
Personal Capital Advisors CorporationPersonal Capital is an online and mobile based personal finance management solution with an optional asset management service.Personal Finance Management
Logo planwisePlanwisePlanwisePlanwise is a financial planning tool. It simulates combinations of income, spending and debt.Personal Finance Management
Logo plingpling*Pling LLCOn pling developers can introduce their new product for free and are able to get donations for their project.Lending Operations
Logo popmoneyPopmoney
(former: ZashPay)
Fiserv Inc.Popmoney is P2P payments service to quickly send or receive money using an existing online banking account.Payment Transactions
Logo postfinancePostFinance e-Cockpit,
PostFinance e-Finance,
PostFinance e-Trading,
PostFinance e-Rechnung,
PostFinance Mobile,
PostFinance E-KŠssli
Die Schweizerische PostPostFinance offers a portfolio of online and mobile services for payment, personal finance management and e-trading.Personal Finance Management
Logo puncheyPuncheyPunchey, Inc.Punchey hosts a payments platform for small und medium-sized businesses that includes mobile and countertop card readers.Payment Transactions
Logo ratesetterRateSetterRetail Money Market Ltd.RateSetter is a P2P lending platform. The users set their own interest rates and there is no penalty for early repayment of a loan.Lending Operations
Logo saveupSaveUpSaveUp, Inc.SaveUp offers a personal finance management service. It encourages its users to save money or pay down debts by rewarding them with credits and the chance to win prizes.Personal Finance Management
Logo secondmarketSecondMarketSecondMarket Solutions Inc.SecondMarket is an online market place for alternative investments. The service connects buyers and sellers of secondary market products and thus creates an online gray market.Asset Management
Logo securepaymentsecurePAYMENT,
eDeposit Corp.eDeposit is a payment transaction provider. They offer secure online deposit, settlement, payment and other financial services to consumers, merchants and businesses.IT Solution Provider
Logo seedmatchSeedmatchSeedmatch GmbHSeedmatch hosts a crowdfunding platform. The company targets startups and screens them before admission.Investor
Logo selfpaySelfpayDigital Retail AppsSelfPay established a payment application for smartphones enabling merchants to increase their turnover.IT Solution Provider
Logo serversidegroupServerside GroupServerside GroupThe Serverside Group is a card manufacturer. Their services include digital card design, production, and on-demand card manufacturing.IT Solution Provider
Logo sigfigSigFigSigFig Wealth Management LLCThe provided platform analyzes and benchmarks the portfolio and gives personalized recommendations on how to save money or invest more successfully.Asset Management
Logo simpleSimpleSimple Finance Technology Corp.Simple is an online and mobile payment service. The company offers services to replace oneÕs bank.Personal Finance Management
Logo skrillSkrillSkrill Ltd.Skrill is an online payment system. Furthermore, Moneybookers provides mobile payment solutions and adds a credit card to its services.Payment Transactions
Logo smavasmavasmava GmbHThe smava platform is a comparison portal specialized on instalment credits.Lending Operations
Logo sofortueberweisungsofortŸberweisungSofort GmbHSofortŸberweisung offers an online payment method. The service utilizes online banking accounts and instantly confirms transactions to online merchants.Payment Transactions
Logo squareSquareSquare Inc.Square is a mobile payment service. Credit card payments can be accepted with smartphones and tablets through a free card reader.IT Solution Provider
Logo startnextStartnextStartnext crowdfunding GmbHStartnext hosts a crowdfunding platform. The service targets creative projects.Lending Operations
Logo stockpulseStockpulseStockpulse UGStockpulse is a portal for automated real-time analysis of social media data concerning the fincial markets.IT Solution Provider
Logo stocktwitsStockTwitsStockTwits Inc.StockTwits provides a financial communications platform. Basically, it works like Twitter but is focused on financial and investing content.IT Solution Provider
Logo striataStriata eBillingStriata Inc.eBilling is an online billing and payment service. Customers receive their invoices via e-mail and can pay them with one click.IT Solution Provider
Logo sumupSumUpSumUp Ltd.SumUp is a mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) company based in Europe, enabling debit and credit card payments through smart phones or tablets.Payment Transactions
Logo tagitplatformTagit PlatformTagit Pte Ltd.Tagit is a leading Mobile Enterprise Application Platform company providing mobile banking and commerce solutions to Financial Institutions.IT Solution Provider
Logo tauliaTauliaTaulia Inc.Taulia provides cloud-based invoice, payment and discount management solutions for large buying organizations.Payment Transactions
Logo thecoindexterclubThe Coindexter ClubApplause Learning Inc.Applause Learning is a financial literacy service. With The Coindexter Club, it offers children a virtual environment.Personal Finance Management
Logo tradeshiftTradeshiftTradeshift Network Ltd.Tradeshift provides a B2B social network. The network includes apps for business processes such as invoicing.IT Solution Provider
Logo transferwiseTransferWiseExchange Solutions Ltd.TransferWise is a forex service. The users can exchange currencies for their fair value, without being charged by banks.Payment Transactions
Logo unitedequityUnited EquityUnited Equity GmbHUnited Equity hosts a crowdinvesting platform. The service targets company founders, high-growth companies and investors.Investor
Logo valuephonevaluephoneValuephone GmbHValuephone is a point-of-sale mobile payment provider. Merchants use the payment and loyalty software to accept in-store payments, e.g. via NFC.Payment Transactions
Logo venmoVenmoVenmo Inc.Venmo is a P2P mobile payment service. The users can pay one another via text messages, mobile apps, or a desktop app.Payment Transactions
Logo vexcashVexcashVexcash AGVexcash offers a microlending service. The company makes decisions at short notice and also offers a prepaid Mastercard.Lending Operations
Logo visionbakeryvision bakeryVisionBakery UGVisionBakery hosts a crowdfunding platform. The service targets creative projects.Lending Operations
Logo wallstreetsurvivorWall Street SurvivorStock Trak Group Inc.Wall street survivor is a platform simulating stock trading, and offers possibilites to learn about investing.Personal Finance Management
Logo wealthfrontWealthfrontWealthfront Inc.Wealthfront is an online investment advice platform. Through their technology, an asset mix is recommended based on the investorÕs risk tolerance.Personal Finance Management
Logo webcentWeb.cent1&1 Mail & Media GmbHWeb.cent is an online bonus program and micropayment service. The customers have prepaid accounts.Payment Transactions
Logo welcomeinvestmentWelcome InvestmentSpreesurfer GmbHWelcome Innvestment established a crowdinvesting portal for businesses and property investments.Investor
Logo wepayWePayWepay Inc.WePay is an online payment platform. It supports selling tickets and items as well as sending invoices and accepting donations.IT Solution Provider
Logo wipitWipitWipit Inc.Wipit provides a cash-based payment solution. Payments are done prepaid and can be topped up at authorized locations or by linking a credit card.Payment Transactions
Logo wirecardWirecard BankWirecard AGWirecard is a fully licensed bank that acts as a payment processing provider and card issuer. Their products include banking services as well as white label-programs for card readers and smartphone-wallets.IT Solution Provider
Logo Ltd.Wonga provides a B2C lending service. The company targets consumers in the UK and guarantees payment within 15 minutesLending Operations
Logo worldpayWorldPayWorldPay (UK) LimitedWorldPay is a payment provider. They focus on mail order, internet retailers and point of sale transactions, and offer various solutions.IT Solution Provider
Logo yavaluyavaluyavalu GmbHYavalu is an online investing service. The usersÕ investments are managed by the yavalu team, focusing on ETFs.Asset Management
Logo zipzapZipZapZipZap Inc.ZipZap offers a payment network enabling consumers to easily buy digital currencies using cash and other payment options.Payment Transactions
Logo zopaZopaZopa Ltd.Zopa is a P2P lending platform. The interest rates are negotiated directly between the users.Lending Operations